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Attorney MacDonald graduated Cum Laude from Pace University School of Law. A member of the Connecticut Bar since 2001, Attorney MacDonald has concentrated her practice in the areas of Family Law, Real Estate and Probate Law. Her philosophy stems from the belief that her clients deserve personal attention, ethical treatment and exceptional representation. Attorney MacDonald practices in the Fairfield County, Litchfield County and Waterbury areas.

Attorney MacDonald is a member of the Connecticut Bar Association and the Fairfield County Bar Association. She is an agent for CATIC and Commonwealth title insurance companies.

Counsel You Can Trust

Bonnie Lee MacDonald will focus on your goals and represent your interests. Bonnie MacDonald believes that an attorney must be available to her clients. She will answer and return your calls. She is flexible in meeting with clients. Bonnie Macdonald listens to her clients. She advises her clients' as to the procedural rules and the current law as it applies to their case. She will discuss with her clients' their options regarding negotiation, litigation, mediation and collaboration. A client needs to understand their case in order to make good decisions. She can provide that knowledge and understanding.

Family Law

Divorce actions can be complex, deeply personal and emotionally charged. Bonnie MacDonald will give you expert and rational counsel though out your divorce. She will work with you to resolve your custody, alimony and/or support issues, and the division of marital assets. Bonnie MacDonald will listen to you. Only by listening to and hearing a client can an attorney provide effective representation. In the event you need to have matters decided by the court, Bonnie Lee MacDonald will provide you with assertive and effective representation.

Divorce Mediation

Bonnie MacDonald is a trained divorce mediator. Divorce mediation is a voluntary, private and confidential process where the mediator helps parties negotiate and develop a mutually acceptable agreement as to property, parenting and support issues. When both parties agree to work together, the costs – including time, money, and emotional costs – are often considerably less than those of a traditional contested divorce. In mediation the parties decide the outcome of their divorce not the attorneys or a judge.

Real Estate Law

Bonnie Lee MacDonald offers her clients astute legal advice throughout the process of purchasing or selling of real estate. She understands that the purchase of a home is a one of the most important transactions of a life time and she will guide you through the process. She represents both individual clients and developers in real estate transactions. She has been appointed as the Committee for the Connecticut Superior Court in numerous foreclosure actions.

Probate Law/Estate Administration

When a family is faced with the death of a loved one, the last thing they want is to deal with legal details. Bonnie Lee MacDonald guides families through the probate process handling estate and gift tax matters, obtaining asset valuations, managing probate court filings and proceedings and other related activities.

You will find that Bonnie Lee MacDonald's commitment to quality representation begins with prompt responses to your inquiries, complete explanations of your choices and thorough preparation of your case. Bonnie MacDonald will work directly on your file.

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